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Heidi Swingley

Rincon Valley Charter School8

Santa Rosa, CA | Sonoma County


February 12, 2015

I attend RVCS and honestly, its bad. Last year was quite a bit better, but common core ruined our education system. We aren't on the same standards as all the highschools offered in this area, making it basically impossible to transition. I've heard from many kids who want to go into geometry that they simply can't since common core is so awful. We get criticized by other schools, as we are generally behind on most things. The laptops are nice, but thats all the schools got going for it. Some people are nice here, but a large majority are racist and homophobic, and as someone who is LGBT, that is kind of horrible. Also, a subsistute teacher we had forced us to stop speaking of lgbt as its not school appropiate. Along with this, we were stopped by the vice principal from presenting something promoting lgbt. Why go to a school when you can't be accpeted? The pe program is good, along with language arts. overall, don't send your kid to this school. its awful and they wont be able to take classes they want in highschool

September 13, 2014

I have been very impressed with RVCS on the Sequoia campus this year! The teachers and new Vice Principal are really nice and have made our family feel very welcomed on the campus. My daughter is again excited about school and loves using technology as a tool for her learning. This is a 5 STAR school! I am totally impressed with this place.

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February 20, 2014

RVCS is an amazing school. The teachers on this campus obviously CARE about their students and spend time with them individually, which is hard to say about some of the bigger schools. I have had a student attend one of the larger schools and one who is at RVCS, and our experience here has been far more connected. Teachers are accessible to both parents and students. The extracurricular activities are inclusive of all students. The drama program is incredible! My student is excited about going to school and talks about what they are doing in positive meaningful ways. As usual, people with complaints are usually the ones who seek out these forums, which is why I wanted to make sure and give the school the five star review that it actually DESERVES!

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February 4, 2014

We had a terrible experience at this school. The "project-based" nature of the curriculum worked well in some cases but was absurdly inefficient in many, many others. For example, on certain topics, way too much time was spent making pretty overheads and not enough time thinking about concepts. We were seeing warning signs so partway through our first year we spoke to numerous parents who had RV Charter kids now in high school and almost all of them said their kids were poorly prepared for high school. We pulled ours from RV Charter and moved on - and we're really happy with the decision. To attract students they give really enticing presentations at the elementary school, and I admit, we fell for it.

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January 12, 2014

I am glad to see such positive reviews these past few months for RVCS...It is nice to hear children are doing well and thriving. That, is the hope of all parents for their children. This was not what happened for us...It was a devastating year. You respond to the negative reviews below your positive one, with the sentence," I don't know what all the negative reviews are about..." which is a fortunate and thankful thing. Be I assure you, anything written was well thought out, based from personal experience, and very serious... That being said, I have been told, that the staff has been very on point this year...the school was made aware of many things last year, they didn't know about...you can't fix something, if you don't know it's broken... I am sure the school is dedicated to dealing with any unwanted behavior, fast. They know what to watch for... Any staff changes needed, happened. That, is very positive.The changes sound hopeful, and pro-active... The bottom line, is every year is a different group of kids, with a different group dynamic. There was a reason this school has had to have a lottery, it had the right focus, and expectations.

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November 21, 2013

This is an amazing school! Not only is my student thriving and making friends, but we are also seeing a rise in his self confidence and ability to make better academic choices. The teachers and administrators are very involved in the success of every student. I highly recommend this school to all parents and students who are seeking new and innovative teaching that kids respond to whole heartedly!

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August 11, 2013

Our experience with this school was atrocious. The principal was completely out of touch with the myriad of student and teacher issues and seemingly unable to address them when made aware. We pulled out child out. It is essentially a marketing ploy. Based o the ratings history, maybe it was good a few years ago and has declined. Stay clear . . .

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July 23, 2013

Keep in mind that this is coming from a student. This is the worst school that I have ever been in. The school itself made up SO many lies that it is literally hysterical to think about. Here are some examples: They give all the students computers; almost 0% of what goes on on those is school related. They act like the school is small; when the school isn't that much smaller than average, but it is PACKED so tightly into a small area that it seems massive to students. The teachers are basically blind, and have no sense about what is going on right in front of their eyes. Students here do ANYTHING for attention, even if it involves HEAVY violence and bullying. The system that this school runs is, in one word, HORRIBLE. I can go on for days about this school, but I'm going to save time and just say this: NEVER BRING YOUR KIDS HERE.

June 29, 2013

If you don't want your child getting lost in,' the crowd', or want your child to be able to thrive in a smaller school setting, have hands on projects and teachers who make school exciting, and kept safe from bullying, then this is NOT the school for you. It has a serious problem in all of the above issues. The school has too many students, with behavioral and learning problems. The result is an off balance peer dominated school structure, that is nothing at all like what the children and parents are led to believe it is. Sad, it seemed so positive. Many parents agree with this. Like the review above had written, It was a lost year, no positive outcome. The principal is a strong force at the school. He is kind and just. Things that were going on were underlying not easily noticed visibly. Sometimes, there is a larger than normal offset of students and groups who are in need of diciplinary attention in certain years, and this year was one of them. It was too many to deal with at one time I think...Hopefully this can be rectified before the schools reputation is further tarnished.

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June 3, 2013

We enrolled our daughter in this school based on the good word-of-mouth that circulates about it locally. Now that we're at the end of her 7th grade year, we're wondering why we bothered. Issues abound with the teaching staff, ranging from outright incompetence (we've had notes sent home littered with basic spelling errors and grammar mistakes) to an inability to control their students. Essential knowledge (US and California history, classics of literature, basic English) is eschewed in favor of lengthy and specific units on certain ethnic groups, drawing manga and anime characters in "fine arts" and playing video games. Parents are expected to drop what they're doing at a moment's notice to attend mandatory functions tied to their child's grades and pay ridiculous fees for activities and trips. Our e-mail boxes are incessantly flooded with rudely-written, demanding newsletters throughout the day, every single day. A system allowing parents to monitor their child's progress online was promised at the start of the year and never delivered. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THEIR ENROLLMENT "RAFFLE". It is not worth the headache! There are better schools in the district.

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May 27, 2013

There are teachers at this school who can't handle us well. I don't want to name names, but he really needs to grow up and be a man. Most teachers are too laid back and don't teach us anything. Our standards are going down. We haven't even learned about the Civil War yet! Why aren't we learning anything we need to?! I don't like the school at all. I don't like really anything about it.

December 3, 2012

AWESOME school only problem is that in the science class there is not really that many hand on projects as i thought there would be and It's just plain out boring sometimes. At rvcs there are not that many sports. They need more sports live rvms douse. They have a challenging academic program, great principle AWESOME MATH TEACHER! and an AWESOME TEACHER who douse spanish, and P.E./ health teacher.

January 23, 2009

This school is organized and all the teachers helped my child

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October 13, 2008

this school is awesome!! it fer sure has a great education system and the teachers r fantastic! wat makes this school great is it's small population of students because then we won't have to get caught up in so much drama. as if we didn't already have enough!

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August 27, 2008

i love the charter school! i have so many friends and it is so much fun. art class is the best. and the laptops are cool too. i just wish that Mr. Herfurth would come back. other thatn that.. its perfect!

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